Patient Testimonials

"I started seeing Dr. Kyle in August 2006.  Prior to starting Chiropractic care I was having back and neck pain and headaches on a daily basis.  I had these problems for as long as I can remember, and came to think that it was just “normal” pain.  I thought that everyone had the same pain and there was nothing to do about it.  I thought it was a part of life. 

      My back and neck pain, was annoying, but it was not enough to stop me from doing my daily activities.  The headaches however, were debilitating.  If I had one, I was down for the count.

Since I have started seeing Dr. Kyle, my headaches are less frequent, and my pain has lessened.  I find myself walking straighter everyday, and my posture while sitting at my desk all day has improved.

      As well as feeling better  with Chiropractic care, I have learned many things from Dr. Kyle about general health; diet and exercise.  I have found his weekly themes in the office to be very informative and some of them applicable to my own life." –Mindy, Seattle



"I started Chiropractic care about a year ago.  I saw Dr. Kyle because I had persistent neck pain and recurring sciatic nerve pain.  I have dealt with these problems for over 40 years of my life.  I had tried many other doctors, muscle relaxants and loads of aspirin.  Nothing had really helped. 

      After only 1 month of Chiropractic Care, I noticed results.  Today, I feel great, I have much improved neck mobility, much more general flexibility and a much improved sense of well being!  With this sense of wellness I am confident that I can look forward to good health, flexibility and no pain for the rest of my life.  I am 65 years of age!" – Aaron, Seattle


"Aaron has been seeing a chiropractor for her chronic neck and upper back pain. This pain is greatly helped by chiropractic treatment, and has not been benefited to this extent by other medical treatments. I have encouraged her to continue such therapy." -Aaron's Primary Care Physician